see-saw performance group is associated member of Needles Alley Collective (artists from different disciplines from painters and poets to dancers and musicians).We have been using the artwork, poetry and manifestos of Dada as material, exploring themes within the texts and asking how this translates to today’s world.

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Time Goes By was created for the Victoria and Albert Museum Late Friday event: Refugee Week, in association with Celebrating Sanctuary. Time Goes By was a monochrome intervention that looks at the invisible barriers refugees face. With a focus on the enduring and timeless inner turmoil of identity faced by the individual, split between their history, their present and the re-invention of the self.


Within our response we are investigating the notion of the plinth; how it acts functionally in elevating and supporting artwork but also how it is perceived. We asked different London art institutions to donate to us what they felt was a ‘standard’ plinth.Using the body and clay to elevate and support the plinth we are reversing its function to then turn this back upon itself

   Body: distorted formation of ambiguous matter, shapes and volume

   Forcing gravity to create new tension, lines and postures

   At 10.30 am and pm each day we drew our hand. Looking at different viewpoints on the same subject

                                                                                                                 Commissioned especially for the Connect Festival, Rodin Reflections is a unique collaboration between London and Paris students of architecture, lighting design, theatre and sculpture to explore the principles of human sculpture through analysing the body; its inhabitation of space and the subsequent effects of light, shadow, movement and flow. We took part in a series of movement workshops run by the choreographer Tim Casson.

see-saw performance group took part of  Cross Over exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery in the brand new CSM building. The exhibition celebrates the work of selected 2011 graduates, and suggests the exciting possibility of new collaborations, as all disciplines gather under one roof for the first time. The work displayed wants to go beyond familiar boundaries bringing fresh insights, encouraging shifts in view points and opening up new perspectives. A diverse range of concepts, representations, designs and art objects all come together in Cross Over.

Here we displayed and performed again Warped Ingredient, (see older post for the original performance)

We were asked to participate in the Bloomsbury Festival 2011 to once again perform tea… (previously performed in Charing Cross Rd South Window Gallery, see older post). This time set in the window of The People’s Supermarket, identity of both creator and guest was concealed to the pedestrian audience. Over the duration of the piece teabags accumulated around the performers and guest, making these shared moments in time. The piece lasted the duration of the two day festival, with 23 guests joining us for tea.

Throughout the week end we took record of the people that had tea with us.